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Monday, 17 December 2018 12:12

Rockfalls struck the Island of Lesvos, Greece, again

Rockfalls struck again the Island of Lesvos, Greece,Source: Plomari news Rockfalls struck again the Island of Lesvos, Greece,Source: Plomari news.

The region of Plomari in the Island of Lesvos, Greece, was struck by rockfalls for the second time in less than a month.

Plomari suffered severe damage by landslides on November 24, 2018. Vehicles and residences were destroyed but fortunately no one was injured.

On Saturday, 15 of November, major rockfalls, triggered by heavy rainfalls, hit the region. The slides affected the road network and caused structural damage. Severe issues were reported in rural roads of Thermi, Plomari and Geras while authorities closed Plomari-Melinda and Akrasi-Drotas roads as a precautionary measure. Moreover, an uninhabited house in Neochori completely collapsed, according to reports. Luckily, no victims were reported.

Experts believe that the instability of the slopes has been exacerbated since a major earthquake struck the island in June 2017.

M. Armenakas, Deputy Mayor of Plomari, rushed to initiate a rockfall vulnerability investigation in order to prevent similar incidents. He warned that the inability to locate dangerous spots may cause injuries of even fatalities in a future incident.


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Rockfalls struck the road network of Lesvos Island

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