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Monday, 08 April 2019 01:00

Bridge collapses after ship crash in Brazil

Bridge collapses after ship crash in Brazil Bridge collapses after ship crash in Brazil.

On Saturday, April 6, 2019, a ferryboat hit a bridge located into the Moju River on the state of Para, in Brazil, which partially collapsed.

The incident has caused severe issues as the bridge was part of a highway that leads to Belém, one of the busiest ports in the country.

According to some witnesses, two vehicles fell into the river when the ship crashed into the bridge. Scuba divers are scanning the area to rescue them. Still, the number of the victims is unknown. Fortunately, the crew of the ship survived. "Our priority is searching for victims and giving complete support to their families," Helder Barbalho, governor of Pará, stated.

Officials are now working to clean the river from the rubble. Until the 860-meter collapsed part of the bridge is restored, people will be transported to the other side of the river by special vessels. Repair works will last for about a year and will cost about $25 million. According to Mr. Barbalho, warning signs will be installed on the pillars of other bridges to prevent similar incidents soon.

The bridge was inspected on January, 2019, and some corrosion issues were found on its pillars. Officials requested an emergency fund to fix the problem but they did not consider the situation severe enough to close the highway.

The incident is not unprecedented. In 2014, a boat hit another bridge nearby triggering a partial collapse.

Police is now working to find out whether the ferry was officially registered.


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Brazil bridge collapses after ferry collision

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