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Monday, 12 June 2017 01:00

Large earth crack opens in Manipur, India

Large earth crack opens in Manipur, India Credits: The Sangai Express

The crack developed on June 4, 2017, threatening several villages in the Kangpokpi district of India and forcing more than 250 people to evacuate.

According to The Sangai Express, the origin of the earth fissure is below Songtun J village. The crack slid down towards Kalikhola village, expanding to a radius of approximately 5 km.

The region's PMGSY road has slid down about 300 meters from the original site and most nearby water pipelines have been seriously damaged. On June 5, two huge water bodies formed near Kalikhola village and one electric post was damaged. By June 5, the fissure had destroyed at least 11 houses, while 19 more were on the verge of falling apart. More than 20 paddy fields have been damaged and numerous huge trees have been caved in. Residents that were forced to evacuate the area are now sheltered in a relief camp, facing water and power shortage.

Dr. Th. Ranjit, Associate Professor at DM Collee of Science, said in a statement that the phenomenon was triggered by heavy rainfall in the region's deforested hill slopes, which are laden with a thick soil cover.

The district administration keeps monitoring the situation, while people are strictly urged to stay away from the area. Songtun J village, situated above Kalikhola village, is considered to be in a more dangerous position in case a massive landslide occurs, as it can be easily swept away.

Sources: The Watchers, The Sangai Express

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