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Monday, 04 February 2019 12:30

Severe landslides and rockfalls in Peloponnese, Greece

Rain causes landslides, rockfalls in southern Peloponnese-Source:E-kathimerini Rain causes landslides, rockfalls in southern Peloponnese-Source:E-kathimerini.

Intense rainfalls have provoked severe landslides and rockfalls in south Peloponnese and particularly in the area of Mount Taygetos.

Most of the landslide incidents occurred on 30 and 31 of January, 2019. Road collapse and rockfalls have completely cut off the village of Alagonia while the villages of Lada and Piges have also suffered similar damage.

In the town of Stoupa which is located between Kalamata and Sparta, a local restaurant was severely damaged after being hit by rock blocks.

According to officials, the removal of the debris from the roads was very challenging. The police closed major road networks until the damage is restored. Vice governor of Peloponnese, E. Giannakouras, stated on local radio that "The whole mountain has fallen."

Unfortunately, heavy weather is expected in the next days and officials are worried that more catastrophic incidents will occur.


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