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Friday, 14 December 2018 01:00

Perpetual landslide in Summerland, Canada

Summerland’s perpetual slide Summerland’s perpetual slide.

A hillside is eroding and has been moving for almost a century in Summerland, Canada.

The landslide, that is located south of Canyon View Road, has been a mystery for scientists. It was first studied by a MSc student from The University of British Columbia in 1997.

In 2015, the municipality acknowledged that the slide was a potential hazard to infrastructure and residences. Dave Carleton, a local whose house is very close to the hillside, stated: "[The sliding] has gone onto my property almost to the fruit trees, sinking my fence 15 inches this year. It's got worse and worse over [the last] couple years, and I think something should be done soon."

A land study was conducted to investigate the causes of the sliding but, in the end, no significant measures were taken as " the study did not actively probe the area". Unfortunately, this study could not define if borehole investigation had even been conducted in the slide area.

Recently, in 2018, a report suggested that the community should elaborately investigate the issue and gather more data about the phenomenon. Boreholes were drilled in January in order to determine the geological formations, acquire their strength properties and define the geometry of the slide. The report recommends that further investigation should be encouraged.


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