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Wednesday, 14 November 2018 12:30

Race to free people trapped by landslide in Philippines

Philippines race to free trapped people under debris Philippines race to free trapped people under debris.

Rescue crews rushed to save 30 people that were trapped under debris after a landslide occurred in Philippines.

Typhoon Yuru struck the northern mountainous region of Philippines causing heavy rainfalls that triggered floods and landslides. A building, owned by the local highways department, was covered in rubble on Wednesday, 31 of October 2018 trapping 30 people. "It was completely buried," Edgar Posadas, spokesman for the Office of Civil Defence, stated.

Police officers, soldiers, public workers and firefighters were included in a 360-people rescue team that tried to save people trapped under the debris. It is believed that 22-23 are still under the rubble. "In the pictures sent to me this morning, the building was not flattened. There were doors open. There are open spaces.There is a possibility there are people still alive. They will not die if they were not crushed." Ruben Carandang, director of its civil defense office said. Until now, 2 people have been reported dead and 6 rescued.

Many people evacuated their residences mostly in regions vulnerable to floods and landslides.  In total, the northern Mountain province suffered 11 deaths, all but one of them due to landslides. Among the victims were 4 children and 2 men, one drowned in an overflowing river and the other was electrocuted.

Yutu hit the island of Luzon in Philippines on 30 October 2018 with winds that reached up to 230km/h. The disaster came 1,5 month after the catastrophic Mangkhut typhoon that caused about 50 landslides killing more than 70 people in the Cordilleras.

According to recent update from the U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Hawaii, Yutu is now heading to southern China and has been weakened to a tropical storm with winds of about 102 km/h.


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