Bentley Coffee Corner: Geotechnical Analysis - Practical Use of PLAXIS 3D for the Analysis of Suction Buckets begins on Dec 12th 2023
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Massive landslip causes evacuations in Ventnor, UK

Island Echo recently released aerial footage from an area in the town of Ventnor, which was hit by a massive landslip on the evening of Sunday, December 10. Furthermore, Ventnor is a seaside resort...

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A site visit at the new subway line being constructed in Athens, Greece

A new subway line is currently being built in Athens, Greece, and we paid a visit to one of its construction sites. Furthermore, the new line is going to be the city’s fourth and facilitate 15 new s...

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New study investigates partial replacement of Portland cement with waste London Clay

A new paper titled “Reutilising waste clays from tunnelling operations as a cement replacement material in concrete - An innovative circular approach” by Kanavaris, F., et al., discusses the effectiv...

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Study finds that geothermal energy could be harnessed from underground car parks

A study published earlier this year at the Science of the Total Environment journal deducted that heat trapped in underground car parks can be retrieved in the form of geothermal energy. Furthermore...

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Video shows the moment soil nail wall collapses in Coquitlam, Canada

The collapse of what appears to be a soil nail wall, used to retain a vertical excavation in Coquitlam, British Columbia, was caught on video on Wednesday, November 29. Furthermore, the failure occu...

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TabLogs - now available on iOS devices

TabLogs - the world's fastest growing software for geotechnical and environmental engineers - has just released a massive update to enhance their field collection capabilities! TabLogs has released t...

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Clearwater River Flood Mitigation Solution by Keller North America

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has a long history of overland flooding since 1835, with 17 notable floods, mostly caused by ice jams as the river breaks up. The Municipality has begun a mu...

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Vibro Piers®Ground Improvement at Print Shop Apartment Complex

Keller's design-build Vibro Pier® ground improvement system was the first approved and used in Clark County, Nevada. Built on a parcel of land previously occupied by a screen printing and embroidery...

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Keller ranks #1 on 2023 ENR List

Engineering News Record (ENR) ranks Keller #1 Excavation and Foundation firm for 2023. This is Keller’s fifth year holding this top position. Before 2019, this position was held by Keller company H...

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Introduction to Foundation Engineering using Terzaghi’s Bearing Capacity Equation

Helical pile foundation design is an engineering science, thanks in part to the work of Austrian mechanical engineer Karl von Terzaghi. Learn more about using his equation in this introduction to fou...

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Slope Stability: Single Free-Body Procedures


As discussed in Mechanics of Slope Stability, the most widely used approach for assessing both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional slope stability is the Limit Equilibrium Method (LEM), i.e., ...

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Audio recording of Terzaghi's opening lecture for Engineering Geology at Harvard University and Ralph B. Peck's special lecture

We are very happy to share with you a rare tape, which includes recordings of Karl von Terzaghi and Ralph Peck. The introduction was recorded by Dr. Ralph B. Peck at his home in Urbana, Illinois on A...

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Rockfall Hazard Mitigation

In general, protection measures can be distinguished into two main categories: engineered and non-engineered measures (Turner and Schuster, 2012). Engineered protection measures...

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9.2. Example Problems

Problem 9.1 A square footing of width 2.25m is founded at depth of 1.5m on a sand layer which has the following shear strength properties: c=0, φ=38͒. Determine the total ultimate bearing capacity...

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9.1. Bearing Capacity

Definitions Fig.2 shows the relationship between the settlement and the applied stress on the soil surface. Curve C1 refers to dense soils (general failure), while Curve C2 refers to lose...

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Chapter 9: Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations

A foundation is considered as shallow when its width is greater than its embedment depth (Df ≤ B). Figure 1: Definition of shallow foundation When the ground surface level is different betwee...

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3.3. Graphical Generation of Flow Nets

Flow Nets - Confined Flow Number of flow channels partitions nf = 4 Number of equipotential drops nd = 9  nf/nd = schematic flow net coefficient = 4/9=0.44 A-B: first equipotential...

Determining Norsand parameters in Plaxis 2D

By Sally Simpson, 12 May 2023

Using HS Small in Plaxis 2D

24 Feb 2023

Contact for GeoPrediction Competition

By Vincent Bongioanni, 29 Nov 2022


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2023 Geotechnical Business Directory

This unique annual business directory includes 32,000+ professionals and 1,000+ companies and organizations in the geotechnical engineering profession. Powered by GeoWorld, the professional network fo...

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Practical Soil Dynamics

The objective of this book is to fill some of the gaps in the existing engineering codes and standards related to soil dynamics, concerning issues in earthquake engineering and ground vibrations, by...

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Practical Guide to Green Technology for Ground Engineering

Over the last 50 years there has been rapid development of construction techniques, analytical methods and materials for use in ground engineering. One of the major techniques which has been developed...