Rocscience Inc.'s Rocscience | Seminar Series: African Geotechnical Legends -Dr. Thomas Stacey begins on Oct 4th 2022
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Adelaide Hills dam: fears of collapse

An emergency flood warning has been issued for a South Australian town due to the “high risk” of a dam wall collapsing. The privately owned dam on the edge of an Adelaide Hills town remains at risk...

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Soldier Pile Wall Florida Project

CHANCE helical tieback anchors provide lateral support for many retaining wall designs including this challenging construction site. Major renovations to Rickards High School in Tallahassee, Florida...

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Ground Improvement System over Deep Foundation Systems Revere Beach Project

The 35,000 square-foot, 7-story residential building was planned at a property underlain by variable-density urban fill and organics, typical of the Boston region. Given the building loads of over 60...

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How to Determine the Basic Soil Parameters

In order to obtain stresses and deformations in a geotechnical analysis, finite element analyses require stiffness parameters in addition to the traditional cohesion and friction angle strength par...

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Rocscience | Growing our Slide2 Manufacturer Library with Synteen Geogrids

Rocscience adds Synteen Geogrids to its 2D Limit Equilibrium tool, Slide2. Toronto, ON: Expanding our Slide2 Geogrids Library to include manufacturers from around the world means more flexibility and...

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South Shore Water Reclamation Facility Excavation Support Project

The South Shore Water Reclamation Facility on the coast of Long Island, New York, is undergoing a major upgrade to redirect treated effluent away from the Western Bays – where nitrogen-rich effluent...

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Rocscience | Settle3's New Section Designer

Settle3 is one of the industry's leading 3D Settlement and Foundation Analysis tools. It allows you to analyze vertical consolidation and settlement under foundations and can be used for applications...

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Geoprofessional Finalists in the 2022 Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure

The annual awards program honors the extraordinary work of Bentley software users advancing infrastructure design, construction, and operations throughout the world. Eleven independent jury panels se...

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Bentley Systems to Host iTwin Developer Conference, Building Software for a Better World, Sept. 20

This virtual conference brings together the growing community of developers who are building digital twin applications for the design, construction, and operation of the world’s infrastructure. With...

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Rocscience | Introducing Thermal Module in RS2

Rocscience's flagship FEM software, RS2 is now capable of performing Thermal Analysis. The thermal module in RS2 is a new feature designed to simulate 2D thermal analysis for various geotechnical str...

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Geotechnical Engineers can now publish technical related content on GeoWorld, get DOIs, and reach thousands of geo-professionals

GeoWorld, the professional networking platform for geotechnical engineers, recently launched a brand-new resources section, which expands the classic blog functionality. It is now possible for every...

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Geotechnical Engineering Practice in the Mycenaen Civilization (1600-1100 BC)

by Dimitrios Zekkos, John Manousakis, Adda G. Athanasopoulos Reference: Zekkos, D., Manousakis, J., Athanasopoulos, A. (2005), “Geotechnical engineering practice in the Mycenaean Civilization (1600...

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Buchanan Lecture 2021: video available

The following material has been provided by ASCE President and Distinguished Professor and Buchanan Chair Holder Jean-Louis Briaud of Texas A&M University. The 2021 Buchanan Lecture, held on Nove...

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New ISSMGE TC304 Course on “Probability Analysis in Civil Engineering” by Dr. Jie Zhang

Professor Jie Zhang of Tongji University (China) is delivering a course on Probability Analysis in Civil Engineering under the auspices of the Virtual University of the International Society of Soil...

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In Memoriam: Distinguished Professor Paul G. Marinos (1944-2021)

The following obituary was prepared and presented by the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG). May the earth be light to you, rest in peace Prof. Paul Mari...

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Numerical Modelling: The Soft-Soil and Soft-Soil Creep Model

The following was prepared by Dr. Ronald B.J. Brinkgreve, and first presented by Virtuosity. The term ‘soft soil’ is associated with fine-grained soils (mostly normally-consolidated clays). For examp...

Depth of GW in oxidized zone

By Ckhckh, 09 Feb 2010

soil erosion model

26 May 2022

UCS test of rock

By Avishek Shrestha, 05 Apr 2022


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2022 Geotechnical Business Directory

This unique annual business directory includes 26,000+ professionals and 1,000+ companies and organizations in the geotechnical engineering profession. Powered by GeoWorld, the professional network fo...

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Practical Soil Dynamics

The objective of this book is to fill some of the gaps in the existing engineering codes and standards related to soil dynamics, concerning issues in earthquake engineering and ground vibrations, by...

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Practical Guide to Green Technology for Ground Engineering

Over the last 50 years there has been rapid development of construction techniques, analytical methods and materials for use in ground engineering. One of the major techniques which has been developed...