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Tuesday, 19 March 2019 01:00

Nebraska dam partially collapses after extreme flooding

Spencer dam failure, Spencer dam failure,

Unprecedented flooding in Nebraska has caused the partial failure of Spencer dam.

The Midwestern United States have recently suffered extreme flooding. High river levels were reported in more than 38 locations including Nebraska, Iowa Wisconsin, Minnesota and South Dakota. Many areas have been evacuated.

Spencer dam, which is located on the Niobrara River, Northern Nebraska, is severely damaged due to flood waters. Its failure damaged a highway but fortunately no one was injured. The 3-MW hydroelectric dam consists of 3 facilities. The Nebraska Public Power District stated: "Wednesday evening the Spencer Hydro suffered extensive damage due to an ice jam. All Spencer Hydro employees are safe! Please avoid the area due to the flooding conditions."

Moreover, 2 bridges suffered structural damage and are being under inspection. "The bridges aren't out, but there's been damage," the deputy with the Holt County Sheriff's office in O'Neill, stated.

Low altitude regions located near Spencer dam and near the aforementioned bridges were evacuated on Thursday, 14 of March, 2019. The American Red Cross has provided 3 shelters to accommodate people who had to abandon their properties. Those shelters will remain open until the affected areas are safe again.

Highway 81 is partially closed. The most affected parts of the roadway are around Norfolk. Liz Wallace, Norfolk's corporate communications manager, asked citizens not to travel within the flooded areas. "We are getting a lot of traffic at the Omaha Avenue/East 275 parking lot access point. We cannot emphasize enough that people need to stay off and away from the levee. It is extremely dangerous right now. The city is engaging in critical activities to control flooding within the levee," she stated.


Impressive videos and photos uploaded via Kenna Sevidy on Facebook.

Click the video below to see the damage that the dam suffered.

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