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Thursday, 24 January 2019 01:00

New design for Genoa's collapsed Morandi bridge

Genoa collapsed Morandi bridge Genoa collapsed Morandi bridge.

A new design will be implemented to the bridge that will replace the structure which dramatically collapsed in Genoa on August 14, 2018.

An 80-meter section of the Morandi bridge, which is located on the A10 motorway in an industrial area of the port of Genoa, collapsed damaging numerous vehicles and killing 43 people. The failure of the construction, which was not well-preserved, was triggered by a torrential rainstorm but the causes are still unknown. 

Recently, a fund of $229 million to replace the collapsed the bridge was announced. The bridge must be repaired soon as its a significant motorway of the city which also links Italy with France.

According to officials, the collapse might have been caused by the failure of cables in the south stay. To ensure that such a failure will not occur in the future, the new bridge will be constructed with weight-bearing columns. It will feature a 1.1km. steel deck consisting of 20 spans and 19 reinforced concrete piers. The architect, Renzo Piano who has also designed The Shard in London and the Whitney Museum in New York, stated that bridges "should be designed to last 1,000 years," to emphasize on the durability of the design.

The construction of the bridge will not initiate immediately as investigation into the cause of the collapse is still ongoing.


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