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Friday, 01 March 2019 01:25

Collapse of the Keritis historic bridge in Crete, Greece

Collapse of the Keritis historic bridge in Crete, Greece Collapse of the Keritis historic bridge in Crete, Greece.

The historic bridge of Keritis, located near the city of Chania in the Greek island of Crete, collapsed after extreme rainfalls struck the region.

Crete was hit by the "Oceanis" storm that caused severe infrastructure damage and one fatality. According to the National Observatory of Greece, the area received more than 250mm of rainfall in 3 days during the storm which initiated on February 24, 2019. This amount of rain is equal to the total precipitation the region receives in several months.

The Greek Infrastructure Minister, Christos Spirtzis, announced a €10 million fund to fix the damage in western Crete.

The bridge of Keritis collapsed on Monday, 26 of February, as the riverbank over-topped. Fortunately, access to the bridge was precautionary forbidden and therefore there were no victims. Nevertheless, a local reporter documented the moment of failure on camera (Click the link below to watch the stunning footage). 

The bridge was constructed in 1908 in order to link the two sides of Keritis river in the Alcianos area of Chania.  

At the same time, another bridge, located in Platanias, partially collapsed as well. As a temporary measure, the Greek Army will construct military bridges to facilitate the connections that the 2 collapsed bridges provided.


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The moment of Keritis bridge collapse

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