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Wednesday, 16 January 2019 01:00

The landscape of Anak Krakatau volcano completely altered

The landscape of Anak Krakatau volcano completely altered The landscape of Anak Krakatau volcano completely altered.

The landscape of Anak Krakatau volcano that recently erupted causing a disastrous tsunami in Indonesia, has significantly changed.

The eruption of the volcano caused underwater landslides that provoked the tsunami. The huge waves struck the islands of Java and Sumatra, Indonesia, on November 22, 2018, killing and injuring numerous people.

New data from satellite images show that an entire flank of the volcano collapsed into the sea triggering the deadly tsunami. Scientists could not evaluate the state of the volcano sooner due to its persistent activity that filled the sky with ash. However, on December 28, 2018, officials realized that more than half of the volcano was gone. 

Images showed that the volcano's height has been reduced by 110 meters while only 40-70 million m3 out of the 150-170 million m3 of landmass remained after the collapse. The volcano has now started rebuilding itself. "This image indicates the edifice is in a building phase, with the crater no longer connected to the sea as it was in images from a week or so ago," Professor Andy Hooper from Leeds University stated.

After the aforementioned collapse, large quantities of magma emerged through water producing hydrovolcanic eruptive activity. When water and magma interact, heat is released in the marine environment. Water evaporates, increasing its volume, and can produce powerful explosions.

Experts state that it's very difficult to predict the volcano's behavior from now on. Anak Krakatau is very young (emerged in 1927 from the region once occupied by Krakatau) and, therefore, lack of evidence make it a highly unpredictable entity.


Images source: MahdiMotagh

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