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Monday, 16 July 2018 01:00

Landslide at Myanmar jade mine: 15 killed and 45 injured

Landslide at Myanmar jade mine 15 killed and 45 injured Landslide at Myanmar jade mine 15 killed and 45 injured.

At least 15 people in northern Myanmar were killed while 45 others were injured due to a landslide on Saturday 14 of July 2018 in the Hpakant jade mining region.

The miners were buried by muddy earth from a slope that collapsed according to Kyaw Swar Aung, the administrator of Hpakant, in the northern Kachin state. The search would continue the next day. "We stopped the search at 5:30pm and will continue tomorrow," he said, adding that authorities had appealed to people in the area to report anyone still missing. The affected miners were not working for a company. Informal jade scavengers, or hand-pickers, are frequently caught up in landslides in the poorly regulated mining area. Environmental advocacy group Global Witness put the value of jade production in Myanmar at around $31 billion in 2014. Experts say most of the stones are smuggled to China.

The event was not unprecedented. In May, at least 14 miners were killed in a similar collapse in the same area, and more than 100 people were killed in a landslide in Hpakant in 2015.


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