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Monday, 23 July 2018 01:00

Landslide damages Russian football World Cup stadium

Landslide damages Russian football World Cup stadium Landslide damages Russian football World Cup stadium.

Volgograd Arena, one of the 2018 World Cup stadiums, has been severely damaged by a landslide the day of the France-Croatia final.

The landslide occurred in an embankment near the stadium due to heavy rain. Mud spread across walkways and paths. The authorities stated that it will take at least a week to repair the damage.

Volgograd Arena can accommodate up to 45,000 spectators and was built for the football World Cup at a cost of about $257 million, according to data on the regional government's website. During the tournament, it hosted four games: England's 2-1 win over Tunisia, Saudi Arabia 2-1 Egypt, Nigeria 2-0 Iceland and Japan 0-1 Poland.

Vitaly Ovchinnikov, a 19-year-old local resident, told Reuters TV: "I'm sorry for the city. They invested so much money and it was washed away by one rain," while Mikhail Nesterenko, another local resident claimed: "It's not normal. It was built from federal money, from taxes we pay them." According to Spokesmen for the Volgograd government and Sport In, the rain was so heavy it was dealt as an emergency. "This happens once in a hundred years," a Sport In spokesman said. Reuters states that the company which built the stadium (Stroytransgaz) made no immediate comment.


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Landslide damages Russian World Cup football stadium

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