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Software information [-]
Software Category Flow and Seepage
License Type Commercial

Analysis of transient groundwater flow using the finite-element method, based on a groundwater system modelled using GGU-SS-FLOW2D. Capabilities: Adoption of the steady-state GW data, soil colours, etc. from GGU-SS-FLOW2D Consideration of phreatic lines and unsaturated zones Graphic-oriented input and modification of time boundary conditions, e.g. polygon courses for time-data pairs, potentials or sources Graphic-oriented input and modification of fixed boundary conditions, e.g. potentials, point, line and diffuse sources Import and export ASCII data Permeability function = f(time) Standard values for nw = f(u) for soils Evaluation and graphical visualisation of analysis results using the supplementary program GGU-PLGW Coloured visualisation of GW potentials in the system cross-section Determination and visualisation of potentials, velocities and gradients as normal, colour-filled or 3D contours Visualisation of discharges in a circle diagram or between two points in time Calculation of a groundwater-filled volume Determination and (coloured) visualisation of groundwater thickness, groundwatersurface distance and confined regions Analysis and visualisation of flow lines with distance and time increments Visualisation of potentials as hydrographs for individual system nodes Time-correlated visualisation of potentials, seepage velocities and gradients in userdefinable sections Visualisation of phreatic lines Visualisation of differential contours Animated visualisation of potential history over time User-designed output sheet Print or copy screen sections, e.g. for transfer to a word processor Integrated Mini-CAD system for additional annotation of graphics

Developed by GGU-Software
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Windows Server 2008Win8
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Germany: Civilserve GmbH

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