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Geotechnical Correlations Software (NovoFORMULA)

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Price: $ 350


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Software information [-]
Title Geotechnical Correlations Software (NovoFORMULA)
Software Category Site Characterization, Soil Mechanics
License Type Commercial

NovoFormula is designed for correlation / estimation of soil properties. Many correlations and formulas are recommended by geoscientists in order to estimate one soil parameter based on a series of known parameters. For example if you need to estimate consolidation compression index (Cc), instead of searching through several reference books, just run NovoFormula and find the recommended Cc values based on several equations available in NovoFormula database (more than 140 equations). Coefficient of Curvature (Sieve Test) Uniformity Coefficient (Sieve Test) Consolidation Compression Index Consolidation Recompression Index Coefficient of Consolidation Undrained Shear Strength Relative Density Modulus of Elasticity of Soil Resilient Modulus of Soil Modulus of Deformation of Rock Friction Angle Modulus of Subgrade Reaction Shear Wave Velocity Shear Modulus Constrained Modulus Liquid Limit Plastic Limit Plastic Index Porosity Coefficient of Compressibility Coeff. of Active Earth Pressure Coeff. of Passive Earth Pressure Coeff. of At-rest Earth Pressure Dilatometer Parameter Rock Mass Rating Time Factor-Consolidation Liquid Index Moisture Content Poisson Ratio Void Ratio Specific Gravity Saturated Unit Weight Dry Unit Weight Wet Unit Weight Percent fine-grained (clay & silt) Percent clay Overconsolidation Ratio (OCR) At Rest Earth Pressure Coeff. Total Overburden Stress Effective Overburden Stress Coefficient of Permeability Effective Particle Diameter Mean Particle Diameter Subgrade CBR Base Course CBR Preconsolidation Stress Degree of Saturation Degree of Saturation Clay Activity Swelling Potential Drainage Thickness of the Layer-Consolidation

Developed by Novo Tech Software
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Price: $ 350
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