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gINT Logs

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With gINT software, "Smart" reports can be created that display columns only if specific data is available.
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Title gINT Logs
Software Category Geo-Data Management and Reporting
License Type Commercial

High-Quality Logs Are Easy with gINT

gINT Logs offers high-end boring and well logs at an affordable price, especially well suited for industry professionals who “just want the logs.” Logs can include virtually any type of subsurface – environmental, geophysical, petroleum, mining, and more.


Select from any one of gINT's standard log reports or download a report from the Be Communities geotechnical website. To meet diverse requirements, users can create custom log reports or request assistance from Bentley Professional Services.


With gINT Logs you can create different kinds of boring and well logs:


Quickly Enter or Import Data

Entering data is easy with gINT's spreadsheet-style grid, or the graphic-input mode can be used to see log images change dynamically as data is entered. gINT also streamlines data import from Excel and many other programs. Company logos, graphics, bar charts, plots, photos, site maps, and other information can be added to create distinctive logs. To save time and reduce errors, users can specify required fields, default values, lookup lists, and descriptions for data entry fields  – and data entry fields and windows can be modified as needed.


Print or Export Log Reports

gINT Logs enables users to print or export logs to a wide variety of formats, including MicroStation DGN, XLS, DXF, and PDF. For enhanced reporting and interoperability, gINT Professional and gINT Professional Plus can be used for other import or export formats (such as AGS and CSV) and reports (fences, tables, lab, and more).


Developed by Bentley Systems, Incorporated
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