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Top 10 papers on the Flat Dilatometer


Most of the following 10 papers (and of other relevant papers) are downloadable from the website:

  • Technical Committee TC16 (2001) "The DMT in Soil Investigations". A Report by ISSMGE's TC16, 41 pp.
  • ASTM D6635-01 (2002) "Standard Test Method for Performing the Flat Plate Dilatometer". Book of Standards Vol. 04.09, 15 pp.
  • Eurocode 7, (1997) "Geotechnical Design. Part 3: Design assisted by field tests, Flat Dilatometer Test (DMT)".
  • Marchetti S. (2002) "The Flat dilatometer". Lecture at 3rd Croatian Conf. On Soil Mechanics and Geot. Engineering, Hvar, 36 pp.
  • Marchetti, S. (1980) "In Situ Tests by Flat Dilatometer". Journal of the Geotechn. Engineering Division, ASCE, Vol. 106, No. GT3, Proc. Paper 15290, pp. 299-321.
  • Totani, Calabrese, Monaco (1998)."In situ determination of Ch by Flat Dilatometer (DMT)". Proc. First Intnl Conf. on Site Characterization ISC '98, Atlanta, Georgia (USA), pp. 883-888.
  • Robertson, P.K., Davies, M.P. & Campanella, R.G. (1987) "Design of Laterally Loaded Driven Piles Using the Flat Plate Dilatometer". Geotechn. Testing Jnl, Vol. 12, No. 1: pp. 30-38.
  • Schmertmann, al.(1986) "CPT/DMT Quality Control of Ground Modification at a Power Plant". Proc. In situ '86 ASCE Spec. Conf. Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, pp. 985-1001.
  • Reyna, F. & Chameau, J.L. (1991) "Dilatometer Based Liquefaction Potential of Sites in the Imperial Valley". 2nd Int. Conf. on Recent Advances in Geot. Earthquake Engrg. and Soil Dyn. St. Louis. May, 7 pp.
  • Iwasaki K. et. al (1991) "Applicability of the Marchetti Dilatometer Test to Soft Ground in Japan". GEOCOAST '91, Sept. 1991, Yokohama 1/6, 4 pp.