The International Information Center for Geotechnical Engineers

Top 10 papers on the Cone Penetration Test

by Professor Paul W. Mayne, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology.

List compiled in May 2003

Top 10 papers in Alphabetical Order

  • Campanella, R.G. and Robertson, P.K. (1988), "Current status of the piezocone test", Penetration Testing 1988, Vol. 1 (Proc. ISOPT-1, Orlando), Balkema, Rotterdam, 93-116.
  • Jamiolkowski, M., Ladd, C.C., Germaine, J. and Lancellotta, R. (1985), "New developments in field and lab testing of soils", Proceedings, 11th Intl. Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundations Engineering, Vol. 1, San Francisco, 57-154.
  • Lunne, T., Lacasse, S., and Rad, N.S. (1994). "General report: CPT, PMT, and recent developments in in-situ testing." Proceedings, 12th ICSMFE, Vol. 4, Rio de Janeiro, 2339-2403.
  • Mayne, P.W. (1991). "Determination of OCR in clays by piezocone tests using cavity expansion and critical state concepts." Soils and Foundations, Vol. 31 (2), 65-76
  • Powell, J.J.K., Quarterman, R.S.T. and Lunne, T. (1988). "Interpretation and use of the piezocone test in UK clays", Penetration Testing in the UK, Thomas Telford, London, 151-156.
  • Robertson, P.K. and Campanella, R.G. (1983). "Interpretation of cone penetration tests: sands and clays". Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Vol. 20 (4), 719-745.
  • Robertson, P.K. (1990). "Soil classification using the cone penetration test". Canadian Geotechnical Journal 27 (1), 151-158.
  • Senneset, K., Sandven, R. and Janbu, N. (1989). "Evaluation of soil parameters from piezocone tests". Transportation Research Record 1235, National Academy Press, Washington, DC, 24-37.
  • Teh, C.I. and Houlsby, G.T. (1991). "An analytical study of the cone penetration test in clay". Geotechnique 41 (1), 17-34.
  • Wroth, C.P. (1984). "The interpretation of in-situ soil tests". (The 24th Rankine Lecture). Geotechnique 34 (4), 449-489.