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Soil Mechanics

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Chapter 15: Miscellaneous Problems
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Chapter 14: Piles Subjected to Lateral Load and Moment
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Chapter 13: Axially Loaded Piles
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Chapter 12: Raft Foundations
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Chapter 11: Stresses and Displacements Around Underground Openings
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Chapter 10: Stresses and Displacements in Embankments and Slopes
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Chapter 9: Stresses and Displacements in a Non-Homogenous Elastic Mass
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Chapter 8: Stresses and Displacements in Cross-Anisotropic Media
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Chapter 7: Rigid Loaded Areas
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Chapter 6: Surface Loading of Multi-Layer Systems
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Chapter 5: Surface Loading of a Finite Layer Underlain by a Rigid Base
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Chapter 4: Distributed Loading Beneath the Surface of a Semi-Infinite Mas
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Chapter 3: Distributed Loads on the Surface of a Semi-Infinite Mass
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Chapter 2: Basic Solutions for Concentrated Loading
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Chapter 1: Fundamental Definitions and Relationships
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