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Thursday, 19 September 2013 10:13

Panama Canal Expansion - Jan De Nul NV

Panama Canal Expansion - Jan De Nul NV Credits: Source: Bentley


The $5.5 billion program to expand the Panama Canal will allow vessels to pass through that are nearly 50 percent wider and 25 percent longer than those the canal can currently accommodate. Jan De Nul is engaged in several projects, including dredging 5 million cubic meters of rock from the new Pacific north access channel and dredging 15 million cubic meters of material from the canal’s Atlantic entrance.

The price for dredging projects is calculated according to the type and volume of material as well as whether the material is below or above sea level. The ability to calculate accurate material volumes is advantageous when competing for projects awarded to the lowest bidder, which was the case here.

For these projects there are more than 10 different types of materials and methods of removal. Jan De Nul used gINT to store and analyze geological data and then used MXROAD to build 3D models of the material profiles. This enabled the group to calculate accurate volumes for each type of material that had to be removed. The 3D models were also used on site for machine control.

Source: Bentley

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