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Saturday, 11 June 2011 09:45

World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center

World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center -Overview of jobsite World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center -Overview of jobsite. Credits: Nicholson Construction

With the opening of the World Trade Center Memorial, slated for September 11, 2011, downtown New York City will become more congested than ever. On a normal day in the city, 200 commuter buses make daily stops in the Financial District, in addition to the dozens of tour buses canvassing the streets at any given time. With the opening of the WTC Memorial, it is estimated that an additional 200 tour buses will be making their way into the city on a daily basis.

Date: June 2011, Company: Nicholson

The additional buses compound an ongoing problem for New York City in that parking is at a premium, but they also echo the security concerns that have become a reality for the city’s visitors and tenants since the attacks. In response to these issues, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey commissioned the construction of the World Trade Center Vehicle Security Center and Tour Bus Parking Facility (VSC.) The VSC will function as part of the comprehensive, state-of-the-art plan for the screening of buses, trucks and cars entering the WTC and its parking facilities through the basement level. This below-grade structure requires a five-story deep basement with connecting ramps into the West Bath tub Area, which includes the 9/11 Memorial Site and Museum, the new Freedom Tower and the PATH subway line.

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Source: Nicholson Construction

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