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Humboldt is pleased to announce the annual Geotechnical Training Seminar.

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It was a nice week the last one of June, together with an important and big delegation made of partners coming from every part of the world. 15 people were here in Liscate for a training about compression machines. The latest technologies on the new relased equipments were the main focus of the training, and they attracted a great interest from the partecipants, shown also from the numerous questions made. They were trained to guarantee a high quality level to all our customers.

This was a good occasion to spend some valuable time together, share our experiences and collect their suggestions from Philipines, Poland, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Germany, Uganda, Norway, South Korea, India, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Lybia. We were privileged to find such competent partners.

See you soon!

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Published in News on Events