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Friday, 11 January 2019 10:14

Geopier SRT® System in action

The Geopier SRT® system is the most efficient and cost-effective solution to stabilize slides up to 12 feet deep.

Geopier’s GeoConcrete® Column (GCC) rigid inclusion system provided significant cost savings and schedule advantages while limiting vibrations and reducing risk to nearby structures, including a historic granite fl ood wall.

Geopier  is using the Grouted Impact® Pier elements in tight quarters for a new substation in Lynn, MA.  

Friday, 07 September 2018 13:15

Geopier Impact® system goes to Long Beach

Geopier  is using the Impact® system to mitigate liquefaction settlement in the City of Long Beach for a nearly 200,000 square foot warehouse.

Standard triaxial system with external data acquisition by Controls is the expandable compact solution for performing effective and total stress. Data acquisition can be shared with other soil testing equipment. (e.g. Consolidation, shear, permeability).

The optimization of advanced technologies in hardware and software components for high efficiency triaxial tests


Standard triaxial System with built-in data acquisition by Controls Group is the ideal compact solution for performing standard triaxial tests such as effective and total stress. 

Standard triaxial System by Controls Group is the ideal basic solution for performing standard triaxial tests such as effective and total stress laboratories that don’t require digital measurement.

Geopier Northwest has begun their latest ground improvement project in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The ConMatic IPC is a fully-automated, incremental pressure controller for performing incremental consolidation and one-dimensional swell tests. 

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