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Humboldt is pleased to announce the annual Geotechnical Training Seminar.

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Scientists at The Ohio State University and Cornell University have found a way to measure the health (productivity) of soils.

The campaign that led to the WW2 allied victory in May 1945 began with the invasion in Normandy (June 6, 1944) where geology was a major issue to be considered.

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ConMatic IPC, Automated Consolidation System

The ConMatic IPC is a fully-automated, incremental pressure controller for performing incremental consolidation and one-dimensional swell tests. The ConMatic IPC allows consolidation and constant load and volume swell tests to be run automatically, freeing up technicians for other tasks and reducing the duration of the testing procedures by more than half.

Meet Wykeham Farrance's dynamic shear test apparatus for the prediction of soil behavior under dynamic conditions! Read on for a detailed description of the product and scroll donw for more photos!

In earthquake prone areas the need for high quality soil and rock investigations is becoming more and more essential in the design and construction of safe, earthquake resistant structures. Geological laboratories play a very important role towards this direction and must be equipped with high-end equipment. So, have a look at Wykeham - Farrance's Resonant Column and Cyclic Torsional Shear unit and learn about the hands-on experience of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy, testing Laboratory!

Estimating shear strength of soils is of paramount importance in geotechnical engineering and design. Different laboratory methods have been developed and standardized for the evaluation of residual shear strength as well as ultimate resistance of soils. The common principle among them is the measurement of shear strength of a soil by shearing along the horizontal plane.

7th October 2013 marked the official opening of Fugro’s expanded soils testing laboratory at the group’s UK headquarters in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, by the Mayor of Wallingford, Councillor Bernard Stone.

GDS recently launched its Variable Direction Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear ((VDDCSS). The Simple Shear loading has numerous applications in practice, such as seismic loading scenarios (Pestana and Biscontin 2000), shearing of soil during pile loading in compression (or extension) (Randolph and Wroth 1981), slope stability (Ladd, 1991) and even experimentally simulating stress conditions below a rolling wheel (Shaw and Brown 1986). Simple shear has been the subject of extensive research and has been also used extensively in practice.

Course made possible through sponsorship by Conetec – Additional sponsors to support the initiative are being sought.

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