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New UTS Neutron dynamic materials testing and analysis software builds on 30 years’ experience as leading manufacturer and trusted partner of advanced dynamic testing systems for asphalts and other pavement materials.

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LateralK by NovoTech Software is an easy to use and helpful geotechnical software.

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 15:21

Humboldt's Hydrometer Analysis Set

Humboldt's Hydrometer Analysis Set is a  complete Analysis Set for determining the distribution of soil particles smaller than 200 (0.075mm) featuring our H-4239A Hydrometer Jar Bath. 

LateralK by NovoTech Software is a unique, simple geotechnical software, easy to use!

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Bentley Systems announced the immediate availability of LEAP Bridge Steel for the 3D modeling, design, analysis, and load rating of everyday steel bridges. The software, which adheres to AASHTO Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Specifications, enables users to leverage the benefits of bridge information modeling (BrIM), including increased efficiency and data reuse across the bridge lifecycle. It also provides the advantages of optioneering – which enables engineers to quickly consider trade-offs between multiple design strategies. When used with Bentley’s LEAP Bridge Enterprise software for concrete bridges, LEAP Bridge Steel provides bridge engineers and designers a comprehensive solution to evaluate multiple concrete or steel design alternatives.

Raoul Karp, Bentley Systems vice president, said, “The cornerstone of BrIM is intelligent information mobility, which fosters the use of data beyond bridge design and engineering to inform downstream processes such as fabrication, construction, operations, maintenance, and inspection. With easy access to information about the bridge, organizations can optimize business processes – across the bridge lifecycle.” He continued, “being a fully integrated product for superstructure and substructure analysis, design, and load rating, Bentley’s LEAP Bridge Steel uniquely facilitates information mobility across various project stages. In addition, the bridge designs can be used in conjunction with MicroStationGEOPAKInRoadsMXROAD, the Power Civil products, and InspectTech, which makes it easy for information to move between project disciplines. 

With LEAP Bridge Steel, users can:

  • create 3D models of bridge superstructures and substructures, including ground data, all in a single program;
  • quickly evaluate multiple alternative designs;
  • design and construct bridges of a higher quality; and
  • take advantage of the software’s intra-operability with other Bentley applications, including MicroStation, GEOPAK, InRoads, MXROAD, thePower Civil products, and InspectTech.

LEAP Bridge Steel users also benefit from faster and more reliable workflows as well as from rework being minimized – due to the accuracy and consistency of the 3D models.

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