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Wednesday, 25 July 2018 01:00

Block caving: A new mining method arises

Block caving is a new alternative method of developing new mines or extending the operation of open pits.

The phenomenon that occurs more and more frequently around the world!

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 12:53

The Dead Sea 'Dies'

The Dead Sea dies due to human interventions, with the water level to fall by more than a meter per year. One of the consequences is the sinkholes that occur along the coast -Some of them are in field size, and others are deep enough to swallow whole houses.

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The Rosetta space craft, which explores the comet 67P, discovered something very interesting.

An impressive sinkhole opened in Koziakas mountain in Trikala, Greece, upsetting the residents of a nearby village. Luckily no damage to property or injuries were reported, however, local authorities remain alert, as the sinkhole opened next to a frequently visited trekking path in the area. The sinkhole measures 9m in diameter and 7m in depth and developed in an area consisting of eroded and locally karstified limestone. View pictures of the sinhole in the photo gallery below!

Source: HSSMGE,

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The Atlantic has posted a series of 28 photos of sinkholes worldwide. View the article and the photos here:

In this article you will find breath-taking illustrations, showing what the supposedly solid ground we step in or drive by everyday can become. Water is frequently the cause of these sinkholes, man made tunnels or excavations in general are another. When the layer between the open air and the cavern/excavation becomes too thin, the ground collapses just as sand castles do when we dig a pit too close to the wall.

Source:The Atlantic

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