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A rockslide in Zion National Park, located in southwestern Utah near the city of Springdale, has caused severe issues.

A huge rockfall in Cornwall, U.K., was caught on camera by a woman.

A huge rockfall (in May 29, 2018) occured in North Italy but fortunately the local cathedral survived.

Earlier this week, Christchurch laws restricting residents of Port Hills from their homes in a rock fall zone ended and many citizens are moving back in. The laws were put in place after the 2011 earthquakes when large boulders began falling down the mountainside into residential areas. Although these laws have expired, the Christchurch city council warns residents that the area could still be dangerous.

At the time the laws expired, over 180 buildings were restricted and deemed hazardous. Many owners are choosing to re-enter their homes against the advice of the city countil. Some are building walls or other forms of protection against rock fall.The council urges anyone wishing to move back to consult with them on a proper rock fall protection design.


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A steep coastal cliff collapses at Rock-a-Nore in Hastings, UK, and the event is captured in video! The collapse occurred after days of continuous rain, which caused additional damage and many more landslides in the area. 

At Birling Gap in Sussex, U.K., white chalk cliffs are perpetually eroding as a result of the frosts and months of heavy rain and high waves. Watch the occurrence of a significant collapse event, on March 4th, in the following video! 

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