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Friday, 01 February 2019 01:00

Is tunneling safe in Los Angeles?

Following Elon Musk's attempt to introduce underground transportation systems a question is raised. Is tunneling safe in Los Angeles?

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A brand-new application is able to alert people in time when earthquakes strike in California.

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A section of Highway 1 in California re-opened 14 months after a major landslide buried the road which connects San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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Wednesday, 07 October 2015 13:18

New office opening for Nicholson Construction !

Nicholson Construction Company is expanding their West Coast operations with the opening of an office in California.

In a huge rift in the Earth's crust near Los Angeles, it is observed helium leak, and researchers believe that this finding sheds new light on the Newport-Inglewood fault in the basin of Los Angeles.

A decade after the identification of potentially vulnerable concrete school buildings across the state of California, a new report published by UC Berkeley based Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) brings attention back to the older concrete LA buildings. The list contains 1,454 buildings, including schools, offices, theaters, churches and many residential buildings. 

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After the 5.5 quake in Chino Hills in 2008, another significant event occurred at 4.4 at 6:25am on Monday March 17, in Encino. The USGeological Survey (USGS) reported that the earthquake was centered 15 miles (24 kilometers) west-northwest of downtown Los Angeles, at a depth of about 5 miles, while seven smaller aftershocks were recorded, with two reaching a magnitude of 2.5 or greater.

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