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A large landslide occurred in northeast face of mount Joffre on Sunday, May 12, 2019.

A disastrous landslide hit La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, destroying many residences.

Many people were reported dead after a massive landslide occurred in southwestern Colombia.

A railway that connects the town of Hastings and London was forced to stop operating after a landslide occurred earlier this week.

A landslide, triggered by an earthquake, has caused the death of locals and tourists in the Indonesian island of Lombok.

A landslide at an unlicensed goldmine buried numerous people, causing at least 3 fatalities, in Indonesia.

The Old Fort landslide, a mass movement that caused the evacuation of about 50 residences, was caused by a bedrock failure.

An insightful driver reversed a bus that carried several passengers just before a massive landslide struck in Philippines.

Heavy rainfall caused a river to burst its bank triggering a landslide that struck many houses in Uganda's mountainous town of Bukalasi.

A retaining wall gave away causing a landslide and leaving a building hanging on a cliff before it finally collapsed in Istanbul's Beyoglu district.

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