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The Old Fort landslide, a mass movement that caused the evacuation of about 50 residences, was caused by a bedrock failure.

An insightful driver reversed a bus that carried several passengers just before a massive landslide struck in Philippines.

Heavy rainfall caused a river to burst its bank triggering a landslide that struck many houses in Uganda's mountainous town of Bukalasi.

A retaining wall gave away causing a landslide and leaving a building hanging on a cliff before it finally collapsed in Istanbul's Beyoglu district.

The beach of Navagio in Zakynthos Island, Greece was struck by a massive rockfall resulting in 7 people injured including 2 children.

A landslide caused by an overflowing mountain lake swept through a village in Afghanistan resulting in killing at least 10 people and destroying 300 houses.

A section of Highway 1 in California re-opened 14 months after a major landslide buried the road which connects San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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Volgograd Arena, one of the 2018 World Cup stadiums, has been severely damaged by a landslide the day of the France-Croatia final.

At least 15 people in northern Myanmar were killed while 45 others were injured due to a landslide on Saturday 14 of July 2018 in the Hpakant jade mining region.

Michael Tabudravu, a New Zealand motorist, had a remarkably lucky escape after he narrowly avoided being crushed by a powerful landslide.

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