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Humboldt's HM-5820 is an automated pressure controller designed to handle saturation, consolidation and permeation of a triaxial test sample, as well as perform a shear function with the use of its integral HM-5020 Load Frame. This allows the technician to also perform triaxial shear tests without having to purchase an additional unit.

Humboldt is pleased to announce the annual Geotechnical Training Seminar.

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Friday, 18 January 2019 18:02

SmartDCP for Dual-Mass Penetrometers

Humboldt's new SmartDCP vastly improves accuracy and ease of collecting and transferring data from field to office.

Humboldt participates at the Transportation Research Board, in Washington, DC

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Humboldt's DCPs are known for their high quality manufacturing and reliability.

Monday, 10 September 2018 10:12

Double Ring Infiltrometer by Humboldt

Humboldt's Double ring infiltrometer is ideal for field testing, as well as lab use.

ΗM-4199B and HM-4199SS Triaxial Cells by Humboldt are available for use with sample sizes from 1.4" (35mm) to 2.8" (70mm).

Humboldt’s HCM-5080 automatic controller is designed to make fast work of testing cylinders, cubes and beams with all of Humboldt’s compression frames.

The Hudrometer analysis set by Humboldt is a  complete Analysis Set for determining the distribution of soil particles smaller than 200 (0.075mm) featuring our H-4239A Hydrometer Jar Bath.


Quick and accurate determination of unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soils in the field or lab with Humboldt's Unconfined soil testers.

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