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It has been two years since GeoWorld introduced the Geotechnical Business Confidence Index (GBCI), which is intended to measure quarterly the short-term (1-year) and long-term (5-year) expectations for business conditions in geotechnical companies throughout the world. During this time, thousands of participants shared their view. is pleased to launch for another year the video with a selection of the most captivating news that were posted in its Geotechnical News Center in 2018.

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Wednesday, 28 November 2018 16:19

"Geo-Trends Review" fifth issue is published!

GeoWorld, the biggest online platform for geotechnical engineers, is excited to announce the publication of the fifth issue of "Geo-Trends Review" magazine.

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A paper published in open-access in the ISSMGE International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories highlights the role that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can have in geotechnical engineering.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018 09:09

GeoWorld reached 9,000 registered members!

We are pleased to announce that GeoWorld, the biggest online professional networking site for geotechnical engineers and associated fields, has now reached 9,000+ active members listed from the worldwide community!

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PEYSANJ geotechnical software, by Novotech, is the only software for concurrent analysis of soil shear failure and foundation settlement for bearing capacity analysis!

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GeoWorld, the biggest online platform for geotechnical engineers, is excited to announce the publication of the fourth issue of "Geo-Trends Review" magazine.

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Argo-E, with the support of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, is in the final stages to prepare the publication of the 2018 GEOTECHNICAL BUSINESS DIRECTORY, the fourth in the series of annual publications!

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Friday, 02 March 2018 13:09

2018 Geotechnical Testing Catalogues compiled the catalogues of the Leading Geotechnical Testing Firms!!

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Friday, 23 February 2018 14:43


Here you can find the testing catalogues of Humboldt, Gilson, Wykeham Farrance and Geocomp for your review! Below we also highlight some of the most interesting products/listings in them.




2018-Humboldt-Catalogcover         gilson 2018 catalogue    geocomp cat         new catalogue photo

What's new:

Humboldt is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of construction materials testing equipment. Humboldt Mfg. Co. products are available worldwide through their dealer network and directly from their factory. SmartDCP for Dual-Mass Penetrometers Vastly improve accuracy and ease of collecting and transferring data from field to office. You can find more information at p.23. 

Download their catalogue for more:

Gilson is a also manufacturer and distributor of high-quality construction testing equipment and laboratory testing equipment suited to your unique applications. Their materials testing equipment spans across many industries including construction, laboratory, pharmaceuticals, and much more! In Gilson’s geotechnical catalogue. You can find more information about the High Capacity Geosynthetic Direct Shear Machine on p. 193.

Download their catalogue for more:

Geocomp Laboratory Systems are automated universal testing stations which measure the mechanical properties of soil, rock, and geosynthetics. These state-of-the-art systems are capable of production work as well as high-quality research. Their testing system Cyclic Direct Simple Shear DSS_ load frame,  stands out on p. 39. The ShearTrac II-DSS system is a universal shear system capable of performing the consolidation, static and cyclic direct simple shear phases under full automatic control. This system is of the type developed at NGI in the mid 1960's. The DSS test generates a fairly homogeneous state of shear stress throughout the specimen, which provides initial stress condition, stress path, and deformation configuration that models numerous field loading conditions more closely than any other strength tests such as triaxial. The system consists of a computer-controlled unit that utilizes a micro-stepper motor to apply the vertical load and a servo-motor for the horizontal load to the soil specimen.

Download their catalogue for more: Download Geocomp Catalog

Wykeham Farrance is also one of the longest established manufacturing companies with 75+ years expertise in the world of Geotechnical Testing Systems with commitment to quality testing and is now part of the CONTROLS GROUP as the Soil Mechanics Division. The stress-strain behavior of Soil is typically investigated with triaxial test on undisturbed, remolded or compacted specimens subject to increasing loads and variable drainage conditions simulating as closely as possible the site conditions and the effects of construction, excavation, embankment, landslide, wave propagation, seismic loading. Their latest generation of Triaxial Systems for Soil Mechanics will boost your laboratory with their modular devices expertly designed for Soil Mechanics testing.

Download their catalogue for more:



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