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Control's Group ACE EmS is a versatile and fully automatic Oedometer soil consolidation testing machine featuring incremental loading, swelling, CRS (constant rate of strain), CHG (controlled hydraulic gradient) and unconfined test.

Thursday, 13 December 2018 14:47

Wykeham Farrance launched the EmS product range

The electromechanical servoactuation (EmS) technology has been developed by Controls for Soil Mechanics applications. It is a silent, environmental friendly, performing technology that eclipses the pneumatic systems removing the need of large, noisy, power consuming air compressors and air treatment devices.

Paving the road to a brilliant future for performance-based testing equipment.

The Servo-Pneumatic Four Point Bend Apparatus stand-alone features a pneumatic actuator which is digitally controlled by a pneumatic servo-valve to provide accurate loading in both stress and strain control modes.

Friday, 21 September 2018 12:36

Wykeham Farrance makes soil mechanics easy

At the forefront of Soil Testing for over 70 years, Wykeham Farrance has been instrumental in the development of internationally recognized test systems that are capable of replicating complex phenomena in a laboratory environment.

Wednesday, 08 August 2018 12:21

Wykeham Farrance: Perform direct shear test

 Wykeham Farrance shows yous step-by-step on how to perform a direct shear test.

Wykeham Farrance offers a flexible and comprehensive range of modular components for the retrofitting of geotechnical laboratory equipment that will help you maintain the highest testing standards without any major interruption to your daily workload.

CONTROLS Group’s range of Wykeham Farrance Soil Testing Systems has been re-energized with NEW developments that dig deep into our heritage and our continuous push for true innovation.

Monday, 12 June 2017 09:38

Visit CONTROLS Group at SOLSCOPE 2017

Come and visit Controls Group at SolScope 2017, the12th International exhibition of the Geotechnical, Drilling and Foundations, at the Eurexpo park at Lyon., France on June 14th-17th, 2017.

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