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A procedure that involves the preparation of remoulded soil samples for soil testing is presented by Wykeham Farrance/ CONTROLS Group.

A procedure that involves the preparation of clay undisturbed samples for soil testing is presented by Wykeham Farrance/ CONTROLS Group.

The Constant Rate of Strain cell (CRS) is used to measure the magnitude and rate‐of‐consolidation of saturated cohesive soils using continuous controlled‐strain axial compression.

CONTROLS Group will supply the testing equipment for the laboratory of the new Storstrøm Bridge in Denmark.

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It was a nice week the last one of June, together with an important and big delegation made of partners coming from every part of the world. 15 people were here in Liscate for a training about compression machines. The latest technologies on the new relased equipments were the main focus of the training, and they attracted a great interest from the partecipants, shown also from the numerous questions made. They were trained to guarantee a high quality level to all our customers.

This was a good occasion to spend some valuable time together, share our experiences and collect their suggestions from Philipines, Poland, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Germany, Uganda, Norway, South Korea, India, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Lybia. We were privileged to find such competent partners.

See you soon!

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Thursday, 23 June 2016 12:13

Wykeham Farrance: Renewal of ISO 9001

Controls Group is proud to announce the renewal of ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate of Quality Management System.

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Controls Group is pleased to introduce the data acquisition unit DATALOG 8, a battery operated version designed for in-field applications.

Controls Group is glad to inform you that for the second time will be the sole sponsor for the 3rd Round Robin Interlaboratory Circuit 2016 organized by SITEB, the Italian Asphalt and Road Association, which groups more than 300 companies in charge for the road production chain.

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016 08:30

Wykeham Farrance: Tempus fugit...

One year already flew away in the new CONTROLS Group premises in Liscate and everything looks better and better.

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Thursday, 07 April 2016 08:57

Wykeham Farrance: Invitation to BAUMA 2016 is pleased to invite you to BAUMA 2016!

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