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A huge rockfall in Cornwall, U.K., was caught on camera by a woman.

A huge rockfall (in May 29, 2018) occured in North Italy but fortunately the local cathedral survived.

In 2015, a design for a home built into the side of a cliff went viral on the internet. This house was named Casa Brutale for its brutalist architectural style. Due to its popularity on the internet, recently a private client has contacted the designers at Open Platform for Architecture (OPA) with a desire to build this home. 

Many rockfalls and landslides were triggered by a severe earthquake in Christchurch in 2011, resulting in many damaged homes. Last Sunday the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) released a statement, announcing the beginning of the demolition of red-zoned, earthquake-affected buildings, on Monday.

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A landslide has occurred at 4:15 am on Wednesday morning in Whidbey island. Nobody was killed, but the landslide took down one of the homes. Another home was left with a 10 ft backyard and is now evacuated. 17 more are threatened by the landslide. There has not been a storm in recent days. The slide was hundreds of feet wide. A study is ongoing to evaluate the cause of the landslide. See embedded video under "Media" Below!

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A collection of photos is also available here and here.

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