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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 07:54

Landslide in Sardoá, Brazil, caught live, as crews were searching for survivors.

 Lanslide caused by heavy rains in the rural municipality of Sardoá, Brazil, is filmed from crews already on the spot, searching for survivors from earlier incident.

The crew members arrived in place to look for survivors, after the occurence of a landslide on Dec. 17th 2013, which killed six people. While recovering three bodies, a second landslide occured, which nearly trapped the rescue team members in the mud. The particular event was rapid, leaving little time for reaction, while excessive amount of material was modilized. 

The slip measured around 100m in width and took place in the middle of an eucalyptus plantation, burying a house under the rubble. As reported by local firefighters, many minor landslides were occuring constantly, which compelled them to suspend the investigation for survivors, as heavy rain continued to fall in the area.

During the peak rainy season in December, Sardoá receives about 265mm of rain, which causes slope stability issues, mudslides and flooding of residential areas. 


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Landslide caught on camera

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