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Monday, 13 January 2014 08:00

Ground collapse near riverbank in Brazil [video]

Ground collapse near riverbank in Brazil [video] Credits: Carlos Sodré/ Agência Pará

According to local news service Para, a massive crater was created on January 4, in the city of Abaetetuba in the northern state of Para in Brazil, destroying 13 houses.

After inspecting the area, engineers concluded that the buildings being founded on ground full of fill material and the reckless residential development in the area, were the main causes for the incident. According to engineers, a river that runs through the town and deforestation, lowered the soils' rate of absorption and made the subsoil prone to water erosion. No injuries were reported due to warning signs before the collapse, such as the noise of the electrical wires. The authorities warn that further damage and losses should be expected, in case the river continues to swell.

See more images of the Abaetetuba landslide here.

Sources: Mail Online, 9NEWS, AGU.Blogosphere

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