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Friday, 03 January 2014 12:48

Landslide in Mexico results in coastal highway collapse [video]

Landslide in Mexico results in coastal highway collapse [video] Credits: David Maung

Last Saturday a coastal road located about 60miles from the Mexico-United States border connecting the Mexican towns of Ensenada and Tijuana, collapsed after a landslide that was probably triggered by rainfall and an earthquake in the area.

According to CNN news a 40-feet deep and 200-feet long hole was created by the landslide. The life of a cement-truck driver was endangered but he escaped safely and no injuries were reported. The main reason for the landslide is not yet clear. A 4.6-magnitude earthquake that occurred on December 19 south of Ensenada might not be linked with the incident. Also, the road runs over a known geological fault, according to Mexican officials and the recent heavy rain could have been an additional factor. Travelers will use old nearby roads heading to Ensenada while authorities consider building a temporary road or replacing the collapsed road with a bridge or a new highway. The time needed for repairs is not yet determined but reports mention it might take as long as one year.

Sources: CNN News, U-T San Diego, The Weather Channel

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