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Monday, 23 December 2013 08:00

Herrenknecht Direct Pipe method used in Canada

Herrenknecht Direct Pipe method used in Canada Credits:

Herrenknecht Direct Pipe technology was used for the construction of the Beaver River pipeline in the province of Alberta, Canada. The length of the pipeline was 0.21miles (340m) with a diameter of 42in. (1,067m) running 5m under the river bed.

This section is a part of the 150-mile (240km) Cold Lake Pipeline extension between La Corey and Hardisty, used for the transport of bitumen and was completed in only 13 days. Direct Pipe technology allows the simultaneous excavation of the borehole and the installation of a prefabricated pipeline, combining the advantages of microtunneling and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology. To do this, a slurry-supported microtunnelling machine is used to excavate and drive the material to a plant above ground, while installing the welded pipeline using a Pipe Thruster to provide the necessary thrust force. Direct Pipe technology has already been used in Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Thailand and the United States.

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