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Tuesday, 02 April 2019 00:00

Novo Tech launched network multiuser licensing system!

Novo Tech’s flexible licensing Novo Tech’s flexible licensing.

Novo Tech Software has launched a brand new flexible licensing system, including network / multiuser licensing option for their software, than can reach up to a 70% discount compared to base licensing. A long waiting feature for all Novo Tech Software users.

Novo Tech's new licensing system provides both Perpetual (permanent) and Lease temporary) licensing for all their users. Perpetual license provides a long-term lower cost for all users that intend to use Novo Tech Software throughout the years, while Lease license provides a short-term lower cost to users who intend to use Novo Tech software for short period of time.

On top of these options, all users are now able to purchase network licenses, instead of just single ones. That means, a single purchase, with a single activation key, for multiple computers! 

Novo Tech's new flexible network pricing model, offers a significant discount, based on the number of licenses bought. For example, a 10 User Network License, can be up to 70% cheaper compared to 10 Single Licenses. 

Lease Licensing Volume Discount Perpetual Licensing Volume Discount

Visit Novo Tech's Purchase Guide to find out more about their new flexible licensing system.

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