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Thursday, 21 March 2019 10:15

Borehole Log Drafting and Lab Testing Software (NovoLAB) New Version Launched

Borehole Log Drafting and Lab Testing Software (NovoLAB) Borehole Log Drafting and Lab Testing Software (NovoLAB).

New NovoLAB version has been launched! The new version of NovoTech's log drafting and lab testing software (NovoLAB) includes several performance improvements and supports both Metric and US Customary units.

With NovoLab the user is able to process various laboratory soil tests and draft borehole logs. NovoLab will design and draw the boring log, load all the tests results for each soil sample from the project's database, and bring them into the log. The program automatically caries out all the calculations and presents eye-catching test reports.

Laboratory Tests
NovoLab covers the following soil laboratory tests.

  • Sieve Test (gradation)
  • Atterberg Limits Test (LL & PL)
  • Moisture Content and Density Determination Test
  • Field Density Test
  • Soil Chemical Test
  • Permeability Test (falling head, constant head, etc.)
  • Direct Shear Test
  • Triaxial Compression Test
  • Unconfined Compression Test
  • Compaction test (Proctor)
  • 1-D Consolidation Test

Field Testing
With NovoLab the user can enter the following test results in the log:

  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  • Dynamic Cone Penetration Test ( DCP/ DCPT)
  • WildCat Penetrometer Test
  • Cone Penetration Test Results (CPT)

Explore the extensive features of NovoLab and download a trial version here.

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