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Thursday, 22 November 2018 14:26

UTS Neutron - Dynamic Materials Testing & Analysis Software by CONTROLS Group

New UTS Neutron dynamic materials testing and analysis software builds on 30 years’ experience as leading manufacturer and trusted partner of advanced dynamic testing systems for asphalts and other pavement materials.

CONTROLS Group has listened to feedback about your needs and wishes and have developed the most advanced testing software that provides the ultimate in flexible yet easy materials testing software for all types of users. Increased flexibility and control with totally configurable user-level access-rights Choose exactly the level of access you want for each of your users, or select one of the three pre-set user types. Once set-up by the UTS Neutron Administrator; on entering their username and password, each user will have access only to make the changes they need to do their work.

  • As easy as you want, as complex as you need. The most advanced materials testing and analysis software for performance, accuracy and flexibility
  • One Software with customizable interfaces for all testing needs
  • Three License Levels to meet all user types:
    • ESSENTIAL standards testing;
    • PERFORMANCE Test editor;
    • DEVELOPER Programmer
  • Configurable Access-Rights for any user type e.g. QC operator, Laboratory manager, Senior Engineer User programmable - Total flexibility capable to do anything you’ll need Easy-to-follow wizard - To make life even easier, UTS Neutron Wizard only requires you to follow the step-by-step path to accomplish your test editor goal.
  • Multiple languages - Custom language configurator tool
  • Advance reporting - Robust reporting and easy custom test creation
  • Worry free seamless migration - Compatible with IMACS and IMACS2. Users can import existing UTS data to generate new reports

Watch the video below!

Source: CONTROLS Group

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