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Friday, 12 October 2018 14:13

Dual-Mass Dynamic Cone Penetrometer by Humboldt

Humboldt's DCPs are known for their high quality manufacturing and reliability.

Developed by the Army Corps of Engineers, Dynamic Cone Penetrometers (DCPs) provide a low-cost, efficient test method for quickly determining in-situ CBR values of pavement base, sub base and sub grades. DCPs are primarily used to determine in-place soil shear strength in road construction with CBR values from less than 0.5 to 100% and bearing values ranging from 430 to 10,800 psf. They can readily be used for depths from 30 inches to 6 foot with optional drive rods and extensions. All Humboldt DCPs comply with ASTM D6951 specifications and come with a chart to compute CBR values, as well as an Excel spreadsheet template, which automatically charts the test results.

Humboldt's DCPs are known for their high quality manufacturing and reliability, and, are available with either threaded connections or a quick-connect design. Both Humboldt DCPs feature our exclusive easy-grip hammer that provides a finger grip machined into the back side of the hammer flange, which provides easy, non-slip lifting when performing a test.

Humboldt DCPs consist of a drive hammer and steel extension shaft assembly with a 60° hardened cone tip attached at one end. The cone tip is driven into the pavement or sub grade by means of a sliding dual-mass hammer. The diameter at the base of the cone is 20 millimeters, which is 8 millimeters larger than that of the extension shaft. Humboldt DCPs can also quickly convert to a single- mass unit for use in weaker soils having low CBR values or foundation evaluations by removing the outer sleeve from the dual-mass hammer.

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Source: Humboldt

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