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Monday, 10 September 2018 10:12

Double Ring Infiltrometer by Humboldt

Humboldt's Double ring infiltrometer is ideal for field testing, as well as lab use.


Two stainless steel rings measure 12 and 24 dia x 20"H (304.8 and 609.6 dia x 508mm). Rings have double thick welded top edge for increased stability when driving into the soil. A mariotte tube provides a constant head of water for flow tests. Graduations on the side of the tube used to determine flow rate. Sealed adjusting tube raises or lowers the head inside the infiltrometer ring. Main flow valve in base platform, bleed valve next to adjusting tube seal. Includes: 0.5" thick (12.7mm) aluminum driving cap with centering pins; two 6" square (152.4mm) neoprene splash guards; and two mariotte tubes with 3,000 ml and 10,000 ml capacities.

Click here to learn more about Humboldt's Double Ring Infiltrometer.

Source: Humboldt

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