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Monday, 27 August 2018 10:44

Geocomp adds new Soil Testing Systems

Geocomp is pleased to announce the addition of an exciting new product to their series of fully automated laboratory soil testing systems – a Bi-Directional Cyclic Direct Simple Shear (BDCDSS) machine.

This advanced, tabletop unit allows simple shear testing to be performed in two orthogonal horizontal directions rather than the standard single horizontal direction. This system can mimic the stresses that occur to soil elements experiencing cycling in multiple directions. Common examples of these situations include dynamic earthquake shaking, offshore structures subjected to waves, and foundations for wind towers. For Geocomp customers performing research related to the effects of cyclic loads on soils, this system is a must have with its more complete replication of field conditions.

The BDCDSS can automatically run consolidation, bi-directional cyclic, and post-cyclic undrained shear phases of a test. The device also can be used to perform direct simple shear and unidirectional cyclic direct simple shear tests. This system, with its compact and modern design and a broad range of testing capabilities, continues Geocomp’s commitment to our customers to provide sophisticated, versatile systems that work reliably and are easy to use.

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The article is part of  the 2nd Quarter 2018 newsletter of Geocomp. 

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