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Tuesday, 17 July 2018 13:45

Retrofitting Made Easy with Controls Group Solutions

Wykeham Farrance offers a flexible and comprehensive range of modular components for the retrofitting of geotechnical laboratory equipment that will help you maintain the highest testing standards without any major interruption to your daily workload.

 Retrofitting equipment are beneficial to Soil Mechanics laboratories that use old triaxial systems which may cause issues with reliability, productivity and testing set-up. Our unique and exclusive modular approach enables you to future-proof your testing systems by gradually upgrading its components, allowing you to adapt to ever-evolving technologies. Quite simply, our design philosophy ensures that Wykeham Farrance machines NEVER become obsolete and facilitates a seamless transition when adopting new technologies.


 The benefits of a retrofitted configuration

- Efficient and accurate

- Real-time advance data acquisition

- Easy and consistent pressure source

- Time saving - automatic & high resolution

- Tidy with small footprint

- Quiet operation

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Source: Controls Group

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