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Friday, 15 June 2018 00:00

Italian Church miraculously saved by rockfall

Italian church escapes rockfall Italian church escapes rockfall.

A huge rockfall (in May 29, 2018) occured in North Italy but fortunately the local cathedral survived.

The 5,000 cubic meter rockfall was triggered in Gallivaggio, a region in Lombardia. The sanctuary and the bell tower of the church escaped critical damage. There were no injuries or victims as the authorities evacuated the hazardous area before the event. The cliff was monitored for years and the rockfall was not unexpected. 

It is not the first time such an event provokes a threat in North Italy. In 2014, a huge boulder missed a farm house by less than a meter, destroying the barn while a second giant boulder, which detached during the same landslide on January 21, stopped next to the house, in Ronchi di Termeno. According to reports, the family living there was unharmed in the landslide. 


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talian church narrowly escapes a rocky end

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