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Monday, 07 May 2018 20:22

Geopier Rampact® System in an exciting project

Geopier is excited to take action in another great project, with the Rampact® System this time!

Geopier went in Indiana to install Rampact® displacement piers to support the foundations and slabs for the new Rush County Jail facility.

 The Geopier Rampact® system is extremely cost effective for installation in soils subject to caving because construction is facilitated using a patented tapered displacement mandrel, eliminating casing risks and increasing installation productivity. Aggregate is placed into the displacement tapered mandrel and RAP elements are constructed by applying direct vertical ramming energy to densely compact successive lifts of high quality crushed rock to form high stiffness engineered elements.

Through the combination of its patented tapered mandrel and direct vertical ramming action, the Geopier Rampact system laterally improves the matrix soil and increases the lateral stress as the mandrel is driven into the ground. This displacement method is ideal for contaminated sites where spoils or over-excavation is cost prohibitive or not an option. The Rampact elements also provide effective support in relatively shallow deposits of man-made fill and other heterogeneous profiles where casing may be a concern.

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Source: Geopier

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