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Monday, 07 May 2018 11:07

Introducing EREF's Municipal Solid Waste eTextbook

The Environmental Research & Education Foundation is pleased to announce the release of a solid waste management eTextbook that will be available for use in courses starting Fall 2018.

What is this EREF eTextbook?

  • This eTextbook offers a comprehensive exploration of various topics related to municipal solid waste management throughout 10 modules using an interactive platform.Each module incorporates applied and real-world learning objectives to enhance concepts taught in a solid waste course and the student's overall experience.
  • The entire eTextbook may be used, or individual modules may be selected to supplement existing course content.


How is this EREF eTextbook unique?

  • Content is updated regularly to ensure that the material reflects the most recent municipal solid waste research and industry practices. 
  • Professors have the opportunity to ask a waste expert a question to clarify or add color to unfamiliar topics.
  • All modules include general instructional strategies for flipped and traditional classroom approaches and solutions to critical thinking questions.
  • Available modules can be customized to meet specific learning objectives and teaching goals.


Why Utilize EREF'S eTextbook?

  • The content provided in this eTextbook has been developed by academic and waste industry professionals which include real-world scenarios and concepts faced on the job in an interactive and digital learning environment.
  • The complete eTextbook can be used in a course or individual modules can be selected to develop a customizable eText specific to your course needs.The content is suitable for multiple majors, including: Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering (and related engineering majors), Earth Science, Sustainability, Urban Planning, etc. Pricing is significantly lower than standard textbooks, making it more affordable to the student (international pricing is available).

If you are interested in trialing or adopting EREF'S eTextbook for Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 we'd like to hear from you!You can indicate your interest by filling out a simple form at the following link

View the tables of Contents for a More Detailed Outline of Each Module

Visit the eTextbook Website for more Information

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