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Wednesday, 18 April 2018 14:04

Meet Becker Penetration Test Software (NovoBPT)

NovoBPT is designed for correcting raw BPT blow counts (Nb) and converting them to SPT blow counts (N60).


NovoBPT is User Friendly and has an Intuitive Design.


  • Bounce Chamber Pressure
  • Correction Correlation to equivalent SPT N60 values based on:
    • Harder and Seed, 1986
    • Sy and Campanella, 1993b
  • Considering the Effect of Casing Friction (Rs)
  • Automatic Interpolation of Casing Friction Based on Field Measurement Data
  • Estimation of Friction from Alex Sy, 1997 Correlations and Sandy and Gravelly Sites

Click here for more information about NovoBPT.

Source: NovoTech Software

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