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Wednesday, 14 March 2018 13:03

Build, view and report your soil profiles in 3D with VisLog

Using VisLog by Novotech, the user is able to enter borehole information including their depth, coordinates, ground water level, etc. and have a three-dimensional interactive view of the subsurface layers at the site.

The ultimate aim of VisLog is to help users with making an image of the soil layers close to real condition. Input data can be manually entered or imported from gINT - the most widely used borehole log software in the world. User can enter data using internal borehole editor. When the model is built based upon the borehole information provided by user, user can zoom, pan and rotate the 3-dimensional model, print it or even save it as graphic formats or video.

It is really simple! You just have to enter borehole data including soli layers, co-ordinates and groundwater level; Then create the soil profiles by selecting the boreholes long the profile. VisLog automatically connects the similar soil layers between bareholes and gives you a 3D model.

Watch the video by Novotech below to learn more.

Source: NovoTech

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